Welcome to A.C.E. - ADVANCED CONSULTATION EXPERIENCE. Rise to the level of mastery that you seek today!


Studies show that the #9 reason that a guest returns to the salon is the haircut or color itself. The # 1 -8 reasons are all about how they were treated, the relationship that was built, and how they left feeling about the experience.


What is the A.C.E. Experience?

The Advanced Consultation Experience is an interactive 8 week program. It is bi-weekly, and consists of 90 minute training calls with the A.C.E. Coach and other Salon Stylists, Trainers, Owners and Managers. Throughout the program you will learn:


-The Metamorphosis of great consultation and communication silks that will raise your current bar of awareness and set you up for success.

-To enhance your career and become a sustainable 6 figure Hair Dresser.

-Gain Confidence.

-Get Organized.

-How to provide an experience that your guests will tell their friends about = More Referrals.

-To enhance your Salon Training Program.


Master Your Consultation!


METAMORPHOSIS: An Authentic, purposeful experience that takes you to a new level of earning potential. Don’t miss it!


“My first year Licensed I earned $50K because of the systems I learn from A.C.E.”

                                                                            -Mallory, Hair Designer Denver, CO


“I learned things I didn’t know I didn’t know. Thank you for sharing your dedication and passion.”

                                                                                                                -Dennis, Salon Owner Arvada, CO


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